The circumstances of children and their parents mature and change over time. What may have been a perfect custody situation at the time of your divorce may not be working now. If you find yourself struggling with your current custody arrangement, we at Atkins, O’Toole & Briner, LLC, can help you identify the changes you need to make and the best path to securing those changes.

Sometimes one parent seeks to change or modify a custody arrangement that you believe is working in the best interest of your child and children. We can help you oppose changes to a custody order sought by the other parent. We can help you negotiate and reach a settlement that meets all parties’ needs and the child’s best interest. No matter what approach your case requires – litigation, mediation, or informal settlement – we can work with you to devise a strategy that is most likely to result in your desired outcome. No matter what the facts of your case happen to be, give us an opportunity to lay out a plan to help you.

Please contact our law firm at 214 346-9550 or by email to set up an initial consultation and determine the best approach to meeting your desired results.