A premarital agreement, also commonly referred to as a prenuptial (“prenup”) or antenuptial agreement, is a contract entered into by the parties before marriage that defines what will happen with existing assets and liabilities as well as income earned during a marriage in the event the marriage ends, either by court order (as in the case of a divorce) or the death of one of the parties.

A post-marital agreement, also commonly referred to as a partition agreement or post-nuptial agreement (“postnup”) is a contract that spouses enter into after they are married in circumstances where they choose to remain married but want to divide assets and/or liabilities and provide for a specific division in the event of dissolution of the marriage. Both pre- and post-marital agreements can define the division of assets, liabilities and income created either prior to or during the marriage.

Parties contemplating these agreements need lawyers who understand how difficult these agreements can be to negotiate. Many times a party will find a request for a prenup offensive. It can be difficult to explain the rationale for a prenup, when one side or the other sees it as ‘divorce planning before marriage.” Our lawyers are experienced at handling these situations in a sensitive way, while obtaining the desired result.

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