The decision to divorce is one of the most difficult you will ever make. It is entirely normal and natural for you to second-guess that decision all the way through the process. If your spouse is seeking a divorce that you don’t want, it is even more difficult.

The lawyer you hire to represent you must know the law. It is equally important that the lawyer know you. At Atkins O’Toole & Briner, LLC, our lawyers understand the importance of active listening. We believe that part of what sets our firm apart from others is our ability to work with clients to develop strategies that are unique, innovative and client focused. We bring our years of experience to the table when devising a plan to achieve your desired outcome.

Your divorce may involve children. Your marriage may have been long or short. We routinely handle divorce cases that involve issues of mental health, substance abuse and addiction, infidelity, as well as complex property issues such as closely held corporations, trusts, partnerships, oil and gas interests, stock options, executive compensation packages, and many other kinds of assets. Whatever the issues that are unique to your case, the lawyers at Atkins O’Toole & Briner, LLC, will have extensive experience in knowing how to resolve them.

A divorce is a lawsuit. As in other lawsuits, there is a petitioner (the person who files) and a respondent (the person who is typically served with divorce papers). The legal process of initiating and responding to a divorce suit requires the preparation and filing of divorce pleadings. It is critical that these pleadings are drafted correctly to ensure that you have the legal right to obtain the results you desire. Improperly drafted pleadings can result in the complete prevention of the obtainment of certain outcomes you may desire. In contested cases, there can be numerous pleadings prepared and filed by the parties. The divorce will resolve all matters relating to the children of the marriage.

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