When a person fails to meet an obligation from a previous court order, the harmed person (or the parent of the harmed child) may need to file an enforcement action.

Enforcement suits can address a myriad of situations including but not limited to the enforcement of property division, the timely payment of child support, spousal maintenance or alimony, the implementation of possession and access provisions, the adherence to injunctions, the timely payment of healthcare or other child-related expenses.

Depending upon the enforceability of the previous order, an order may need to be clarified by the court. A party may petition the court to hold a person who fails to comply with a court order in contempt for that violation. The lawyers at Atkins O’Toole & Briner, LLC, are skilled at properly identifying the enforceability of the provisions of court orders and the best approach to ensure that the intended results from the previous court order are the results that are actually obtained.

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