The attorneys at Atkins O’Toole & Briner, LLC, know that issues pertaining to custody and visitation can be the single most emotion-provoking in any divorce or dispute. Marriages and other relationships fail, but children need not be placed in the center of the adult conflict.

Whether your child custody issue arises because of a divorce or some other circumstance, we are committed to obtaining results that are in each child’s best interest.

In a typical custody arrangement, one parent pays child support to the other parent. Texas has statutory guidelines for the calculation of child support; however, some certain circumstances necessitate the need for “non-guideline” child support. The lawyers at Atkins O’Toole & Briner, LLC, are experienced at assessing the circumstances to determine if non-guideline child support is a viable resolution as well as in both pursuing and defending against a request for non-guideline child support.

Whether or not your case is the rare one where child support deviates from statutory guidelines, a proper determination of child support is very important because it will remain in place for years unless there is a material and substantial change in circumstances.

Your case may involve conservatorship, access and possession, supervised possession, injunctions, child support or any combination of these issues. The lawyers at Atkins O’Toole & Briner, LLC, have extensive experience handling all child-related matters to obtain the best results possible.

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