Our mission at Atkins O’Toole & Briner, L.L.C. is simple: to provide the highest quality legal representation in an environment that promotes the client’s interests above all else. For the team of professionals at Atkins O’Toole & Briner that mission statement is more than words:

“It is a statement of our commitment to excellence. We recognize that many of our clients are turning to our firm at a time of great personal crisis. Clients not only depend on our knowledge of the law and expansive courtroom skills, they depend on our integrity, professionalism and ethical pursuit of their desired outcome.”

All too often lawyers create problems in family law matters, such as divorce, where no problems previously existed. The lawyers at Atkins O’Toole & Briner are trained and educated to identify common ground and seek compromises to avoid costly litigation whenever possible. It is a priority for every lawyer practicing at Atkins O’Toole & Briner to preserve familial relationships whenever possible. If you are a parent facing divorce, it is important to select a lawyer and a law firm that recognizes the reality that you and your spouse will have to parent your children together into the future. Atkins O’Toole & Briner is committed to these principles.