The following is reprinted from the May 2017 issue of D Magazine, in a section titled Bad Romance: Five Dallas lawyers dish on their most memorable divorce cases. 

By Marie Briner

I represented a man whose wife suspected he was cheating on her. So she took all of his very nice suits and threw them in the outdoor sauna. Well, if he wasn’t stepping out before, he did after this stunt. A divorce ensued.

The wife did not handle it well. She became even more upset and started following a girl he began dating during the divorce. The wife vandalized the girl’s car, which we were able to figure out based on TollTags and video surveillance.

The wife’s actions escalated from there. At one point, she peeked through the window at the girl’s home and videotaped her husband and the woman being romantic. Nothing would stop the wife. She even called CPS and accused my client of abusing their daughter – completely unfounded allegations.

Here’s the best part. It turns out, the reason she was doing all of this – following them and vandalizing a car and videotaping them and making accusations – was in an effort to win the husband back. Can you believe it didn’t work?